Michael Schnippering | Managing Broker / Owner

One of the very first questions I am often asked: “Why the Orange”? The answer is simple: Many people dream of two things before they buy into the “Florida sunshine”:  A palm or an orange tree.  We decided on the modern version of an Orange as our logo. (Pls. remember: The next orange you buy –  Think about us!)


My name is Michael Schnippering. I am the founder & managing Broker of Orange 21 Realty. I am a licensed RE Broker, Community Association Manager and RE Instructor. I’ve worked for more than a decade as a Realtor® before I dreamed about how to design the perfect Real Estate Brokerage.  It started off by scribbling ideas on bar napkins and by brainstorming with collegues, friends and customers. The goal was to turn a complex idea into something more explainable. The focus was on tailoring a business concept to the needs of Sales- & Broker Associates to become more successful by being more effective when serving their customers.                                                                                                                                    “Value & Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”.

At Orange 21 Realty we aim to use all available resources effectively and efficiently to create a culture of rigor and standards, allign our organizational structure to support our sales team as well as our customers.  We deliver high-quality services and strive to grow a customer-centric culture by focusing on our customers needs –  Acccountability, Capability, Transperancy (ACT) are the three pillars of trust!



about3At Orange 21 Realty we recognize the changes in the Florida Real Estate Market based on the global economy. We maintain close friendships with agents from around the world which helps us to find international buyers interested in investing in our “Local Market”.  Foreign investments help to create more jobs and opportunities for Florida. Our close alliances in South America and Europe keep us up-to-date with current trends.

Our strengths is working as a team with cooperating Brokerage Firms.  We have a pool of Home Inspectors, Insurance Agencies, Attorneys and other professionals as needed. Building trust and living up to our customers expectations is strongly supported by staying open-minded and getting everyone to think out-of-the-box and envision solutions should challenges arise.  We make sure our job is DONE.

Whether you are buying into your next dream, try to find the right investment or want to sell your property  – Orange 21 Realty will be with you from start to finish.

We Work For You, ALWAYS!

The demand for homes in Florida has increased, and so has the need for excellence in services provided by real estate professionals. We are always expected to offer more in terms of consulting and all those services related to property investment.

aboutAt Orange 21 Realty we are passionate about keeping up with what’s new in our industry. Gaining more knowledge and improving our skills is of high importance, but ultimately, both knowledge and skills are required to master the professional aspects of being in the Real Estate business.  In an industry that is constantly being redeveloped and as new technologies are emerging every day it is important to keep up with what’s going on, else we risk the chance of falling behind and inevitably using outdated techniques and delivering sub standard work.

Orange 21 Realty has created the unique “One Team – One Goal” strategy to provide services even to the most discriminating customer.  We understand that “Real Estate Is Local”.  Being a REALTOR® is more than a profession – In fact it is the Art and Science of turning peoples dreams into reality.